WP PubMed Reflist

I committed a couple of updates to my WordPress plugin for getting reference lists from PubMed. The new version allows customization of the display. I preloaded some templates that approximate a few popular formats

NIH format

[pmid-refs key=’jimhu’ style=NIH limit=5]

ASM format

[pmid-refs key=’jimhu’ style=ASM limit=5]

PNAS format

[pmid-refs key=’jimhu’ style=PNAS limit=5]


The formatting options in 0.7+ allow handling of long author lists to give et al. were there are too many authors.

Because I do WordPress development only sporadically, I made some errors in the 0.7 release. I do my testing on my Mac, where unfortunately I set my laptop up to have case-insensitive filenames, and had a uppercase vs lowercase filename error in the subversion commit for 0.7. When fixing the filenames on a Mac, you can’t just use svn mv filename fileName. You get an uninformative error. You have to do it in two steps doing something like this:

  • svn mv filename filename.tmp
  • svn mv filename.tmp fileName