College football 2013 – week 5

Stanford and A&M won, while the Badgers fell in Columbus to favored Ohio State. Overlapping game times meant that I didn’t watch all of any game. In fact, I confess that I missed parts of the Ags opening drive to stick with the end of Georgia’s win over LSU. LSU at Georgia was clearly the […]


Spent Thursday and Friday at an iPlant workshop I helped set up at Prairie View as part of a genomics education project I’m doing with Gloria Regisford in the PVAMU Biology Dept.  iPlant just got renewed by NSF and will be expanding their scope beyond plants.  The focus of the workshop was the DNA subway set […]

Firefox 23 mixed content blocking and Galaxy

The Galaxy genomics workbench has problems with mixed content blocking in Firefox 23 when it’s running under https, which it should be based on sending logins and passwords. When you click on any of the public data sources (e.g. UCSC Tables) under Get Data, Firefox blocks it.  The solution is to turn off mixed content […]

Almost perfect day of college football yesterday

Stanford, Wisconsin, Texas A&M all won Texas, USC, and Notre Dame lose Mitigating factors: it’s early, and wins were against weaker opponents. couldn’t watch the Badgers, didn’t ppv for the Ags Cardinal and Aggies wins still leave concerns about future success. For the Ags, the future is next Saturday, when Alabama comes to town with […]