More sous vide ribs

Got a larger rack. Bagged with salt, pepper, brown sugar in the fridge on Sunday. Monday night, added soy, sherry, cider vinegar, garlic, red pepper flakes, and star anise and put into a 138F bath at 9:30 PM. The vinegar is a change from last time. I cut the rack in half and put both […]

Sous Vide Pork loin and glazed carrots

Previously I did a pork loin with a coffee-chocolate rub. It was so nice that I thought I’d get another pork roast and experiment with another variation. This time it’s 2.5 lbs and I used a pot for the brining step. Getting a later start means a much shorter brine: 2.5 c kosher salt 2.5 […]

Sous Vide Lamb Shanks

The consensus of various posts seems to be 48 hours at 140-161F. But low end pictures all look a bit on the red side, so I’m going to up the temperature to 145. Started at about 8PM on Thursday night. Shanks were rubbed with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper and put into a […]

Yet more testing of JSmol2wp

[jsmol acc=:adenosine commands=’adenine=load :adenine|||adenosine=load :adenosine|||guanosine=load :guanosine|||cytidine=load :cytidine|||thymine=load :thymidine|||uridine=load :uridine’] This is a test of the isosurface capability using an xyz and jvxl file uploaded to WordPress media. Markup is:¬†[[jsmol acc=’s_den.cub_’ type=’xyz’ caption=’Load local file’ isosurface=’s_den.cub_.jvxl’]] [jsmol acc=’s_den.cub_’ type=’xyz’ caption=’Load local file’ isosurface=’s_den.cub_.jvxl’]

More JSmol2wp testing

As of version 0.7, I wonder whether having two posts with viewers causes applet name clashes. The prediction is that this would work while viewing one post, but not on the home page. This prediction turned out to be true. This first item loaded the first one from the next post, while the first item […]

Testing JSmol2wp

[jsmol pdb=’1LMB’ caption=’lambda repressor headpiece’ debug = ‘false’ wrap = ‘5’ commands = ‘arm = select 1-6:3, 1-6:4;¬†color yellow;||| helix-turn-helix = select 33-52:3, 33-52:4; color yellow; hide hoh;||| helix 5 = select *:3,*:4; spacefill off; cartoon; select 84,87; color yellow; spacefill on; select *; hide hoh; hide *:1,*:2; #moveto 2 0 1 0 0 0 […]

Sous vide chicken breast

We had some bone-in chicken breasts in the freezer that one of Debby’s sisters bought on a recent visit. These were pretty big chicken breasts and the three of us are not huge eaters, so we split one for dinner tonight. It was already in a zip-loc bag, so I thawed it in the fridge […]

Sous vide spareribs

When I got the pork loin roast, I also picked up some spareribs. Wed night: dry-brined (which is a fancy way of saying I unwrapped the meat, sprinkled some salt and pepper on it, and put it back in the fridge. Cooking times and temps [table id=4 /] There is also a NYT piece about […]