Sad news from Indiana Chemistry

A colleague just showed me that my former colleague Dave Giedroc is in this CNN video. While it is usually cool to see that one of your friends was interviewed, in this case it’s for the sad news that one of the victims in the Malaysia Air plane downing was a grad student in Dave’s department.

James Garner, RIP

Just heard that James Garner was found dead in his home at age 86. From the NYT obit: Alone among westerns of the 1950s, “Maverick,” which made its debut in 1957, was about an antihero. He didn’t much care for horses or guns, and he was motivated by something much less grand than law and […]

The missing Hobby Lobby reaction

I haven’t read all of the reactions to this past week’s Burwell v Hobby Lobby decision, so perhaps I missed this, but I haven’t seen much of what I thought would be an obvious reaction when I was much younger. This post is an extension of the comment I left at Althouse when the decision […]