Remodeling 2016 – Pier and beam

The next step was to do the pier and beam foundation for the new laundry room. This started by drilling holes and pouring concrete around rebar to make the piers that support the whole thing. This is supposed to be better for our expansive clay soil than just putting down a slab that would shift […]

Remodeling 2016 – Before

This it the first of several posts I meant to make months ago. We had been procrastinating doing some remodeling for several years and started to plan for it in earnest about a year ago. The pictures below are from May 2 and show a part of our house we called the Annex. It comes […]

Happy Hollidays

Love this tweet from Jon Eisen! Merry Christmas to all, and may you keep all your New Year’s resolutions. Happy Hollidays — Jonathan Eisen (@phylogenomics) December 25, 2015

College Football Week 6: Chaos

My teams went 0-3 in a series of frustrating losses, each of which was depressing in a different way. But these were just a small slice of a crazy weekend in sports. Miss State d A&M The question going into this game was whether the Arkansas game showed A&M’s grit and ability, or revealed problems. Meanwhile […]

Yet more testing of JSmol2wp

[jsmol acc=:adenosine commands=’adenine=load :adenine|||adenosine=load :adenosine|||guanosine=load :guanosine|||cytidine=load :cytidine|||thymine=load :thymidine|||uridine=load :uridine’] This is a test of the isosurface capability using an xyz and jvxl file uploaded to WordPress media. Markup is: [[jsmol acc=’s_den.cub_’ type=’xyz’ caption=’Load local file’ isosurface=’s_den.cub_.jvxl’]] [jsmol acc=’s_den.cub_’ type=’xyz’ caption=’Load local file’ isosurface=’s_den.cub_.jvxl’]


I’ve been frustrated by Apple’s Podcasts app on my iPhone, so I decided to try InstaCast on the recommendation of a friend on twitter.  Initial impressions: The first thing I noticed was that when you launch it for the first time, it doesn’t ask if you want to import Podcast subscriptions from iTunes or the Podcasts […]