WP Pubmed Reflist tests

Got some bug reports this week and am procrastinating other stuff by looking at them. The content of this post will change as I use it to reply to this update Dec 30 8:26PM 2018 [pmid-refs key=redenti_18 wrap=ol showlink=false] 2017 [pmid-refs key=redenti_17 wrap=ol showlink=false] 2016 [pmid-refs key=redenti_16 wrap=ol showlink=false] other [pmid-refs key=27590350 wrap=ul] [pmid-refs key=27879490 wrap=ul]

Godaddy weirdness

This site was offline for a week or so and I couldn’t figure out what was going on. It looks like what happened was that somehow the IP address in the A record was changed to, which is somewhere in Europe, instead of the correct address listed for the basic web hosting at Godaddy. Once […]

Time for me to get more serious about Linux

My group started into bioinformatics thanks to former students Hai Zhu and Leonardo Marino-Ramirez, who set up the first LAMP webserver in the lab, a box they made that we called tofu.tamu.edu. Being Mac users, we thought that the Unix roots of OSX would be useful in the transition to doing informatics and web-based resources, […]