About Blogs for Industry

Jim Hu lives in College Station, Texas, where he is a professor at Texas A&M Universities. The random musings and opinions here do not reflect the official or unofficial views of Texas A&M or anyone but me.  And I’m not even sure about me.

The original Blogs for Industry that ran on a OSX G5 server using a blogging package called Simplog. There were two reasons to have Blogs for Industry: to participate in blogging (i.e. to be yet another source of uninformed rants) and to use blogging software to make a crude CMS for work-related websites.  I had a couple of moderately read posts, which I may try to move here, but the main function was to learn how to build things in PHP and mySQL.

I experimented with Blogger at Prawn Risotto Farce from 2006-2010. I was using Blogger as a WYSIWYG front end for work-related websites and wanted to see how it worked.  The personal random thoughts moved to Facebook and Twitter. My work-related web development is now using a combination of Mediawiki and WordPress.

For those wondering, the name Blogs for Industry (blogs for the dead) has nothing to do with industry or the dead.