GMO tech makes the Impossible Burger possible

… or at least economically practical. Earlier this week I noticed a retweet of this event in my twitter feed: so much fun being at groundbreaking for @ImpossibleFoods 1,000,000 lbs/mo burger factory in Oakland — Michael Eisen (@SenatorPhD) March 23, 2017 Coincidentally, someone else posted this video about the Impossible Burger (which I hadn’t […]

Sous Vide circulator setups

The last post about making lemon curd shows my two immersion circulators, an original, no-longer available at US voltage, Classic Nomiku and an Anova Precision Cooker (bluetooth only). I’ve had the Nomiku a since Thanksgiving 2013, while I got the Anova about a year later as part of their Kickstarter release (I went in with […]

RoomScan Pro

Today we went to a seminar about remodeling with Stearns design-build to get some ideas about some remodeling plans. In talking about things, I decided that we really need a better diagram of our house layout. It doesn’t have to be super precise, but I want a starting point to sketch from. I thought there might […]

Adventures with the iPhone music app

My wife and I like to joke that stores do their market research by figuring out what we like a lot and then discontinuing those items. That’s how I feel about Apple’s decision a couple of iOS upgrades ago to decouple Podcasts and iTunes U from Music. I like to listen to podcasts. I listen to […]

Open source communities are different

Via Althouse, Farhad Manjoo argues in the NYT that Brendan Eich had to resign because: Mozilla is not a normal company. It is an activist organization. Mozilla’s primary mission isn’t to make money but to spread open-source code across the globe in the eventual hope of promoting “the development of the Internet as a public resource.” As […]

Imagine a boot stamping on your ideas forever

Via Daring Fireball, author Charlie Stross writes about his hatred of Microsoft word.  I don’t know enough to evaluate the technical arguments about design and file formats, including the comments left by a commenter “globetrotter” who self-identifies as a MS program manager for early versions of Word. But the empirical experience of Word is sufficient to […]

Firefox 23 mixed content blocking and Galaxy

The Galaxy genomics workbench has problems with mixed content blocking in Firefox 23 when it’s running under https, which it should be based on sending logins and passwords. When you click on any of the public data sources (e.g. UCSC Tables) under Get Data, Firefox blocks it.  The solution is to turn off mixed content […]

Microfiber stylii

Most of the time, I use my finger on my iPad, just as Steve Jobs intended. But there are times when a stylus is nice: Taking handwritten notes Actual drawing For a while, I’ve had a Wacom Bamboo stylus, which is one of the better ones that have soft rubber tips.  But recently I got […]