Thanksgiving dinner

We decided to be antisocial this year and are doing Thanksgiving at home. Since there are only three of us, a whole bird is too much, so I went for a Sous Vide turkey breast with some sides to be determined. Classic Cranberry-Orange Relish The first thing I’m going to make is the cranberry relish, so […]

Analogy-creep in hyping science

Via Instapundit by way of Popular Mechanics, I just saw this press release from UW-Madison hyping a new paper studying the host-virus interactome between humans and influenza. In a comprehensive new study published today in the journal Cell Host and Microbe, the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Yoshihiro Kawaoka and a team of researchers have set the stage for an entirely different approach. […]

Learning Artemis

For editing genome annotations, many of my colleagues use Artemis while others use Apollo. For my own use, I’ve usually just made scripts that generate GFF and visualized that in Gbrowse, Jbrowse, or IGV. For the genomics class I co-teach, we’ve had students edit GFF in a text editor (emacs!) and display it in IGV. […]

Ebola transmission

I did some reading on this topic a week ago, and this has been sitting in my drafts for about a week. In the last post I noted that NEJM recently stated Health care professionals treating patients with this illness have learned that transmission arises from contact with bodily fluids of a person who is […]