Week 9: Shouldering the load

Saturday was a big sports day.  We had work and visitor distractions, but I did manage to watch most of the Aggie game and the end of the Stanford-Oregon State game after the wild ending of the World Series game 3. Vanderbilt at A&M started at 11:20AM. The big question going into yesterday was whether […]

Imagine a boot stamping on your ideas forever

Via Daring Fireball, author Charlie Stross writes about his hatred of Microsoft word.  I don’t know enough to evaluate the technical arguments about design and file formats, including the comments left by a commenter “globetrotter” who self-identifies as a MS program manager for early versions of Word. But the empirical experience of Word is sufficient to […]

Ags survive Ole Miss

While the last couple of weeks have had some games where the top teams survived upsets, week 7 of the 2013 season saw ranked teams fall.  As Lou Holtz pointed out on College Gameday Final, fans forget that this is also the time for midterms. Between road trips and exams and being college-age kids, looking […]

Down goes Stanford

Last week I was at the GO consortium meeting in Bar Harbor, so I didn’t watch much football.  Since it was a bye week for the Badgers and the Aggies, only Stanford was in action of the teams I follow closely.  The Cardinal had a narrow escape in Seattle against the Washington Huskies which I […]