Rain chains

We had rain chains installed as part of a recent remodel of the front of the house. It rained pretty hard last night and was still raining this morning. This video illustrates some problems with the installation. It looks like the connection to the gutters isn’t actually feeding the flow onto the chain. This leads […]

Pichanha sous vide

We like to watch cooking competition shows and last week was the semifinals and finals of MasterChef Junior. In the semis, one of the young chefs made rib cap. The rib cap, aka deckle, comes from the area around ribeye or prime rib in the forequarter of a carcass, and is regarded by some as […]

Plot the data!

A great demonstration of why we need to plot the data and never trust statistics tables! https://t.co/JyUb57v0or pic.twitter.com/hsivGZdpZ1 — Taha Yasseri (@TahaYasseri) May 1, 2017 Discovered that it’s hard to find my own retweets, so I’m going to try to post when I want to save one.