Sous vide halibut

Debby bought some frozen halibut filets. Thought I’d try to cook them sous vide.
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Decided on 128F. Salted the frozen filets and put them in a bag with some butter and lemon slices. Into the bath at 7:45PM. I figure to add some time to the recommended 20-30 min for the fish to thaw.

The bag didn’t sink as much as when I do red meat, so I put a spatula in to make sure the bag was submerged.

As the Giants and Nationals went into extra innings in game 2, I took the fish out of the bag and portioned it. I had intended to pan-fry the portions to crisp up the skin, but it was too fragile. Instead, I removed the skin and served with rice and mixed vegetables.

The fish was tender and moist – perhaps to the point of being on the wet side. It was tasty but a bit on the boring side. ┬áDespite the lemon slices and the spritz of lemon juice I added when I served them, I think this would be better with some sort of bright and spicy sauce.

But for a meal put together from what we had in the fridge and freezer on a night when we needed to go grocery shopping… not too bad.