Mail in Mavericks is screwed up

Around the same time that I got this new laptop, TAMU switched from hosting its own mail to a Google Apps-based system. As part of the changeover, you can import your mailboxes from the old system to the new system. After hooking up the new account in as an IMAP account, there are messages […]

New laptop

I’ve been working on a 2011 MacBook Air since Spring of 2012. A&M is really nice in having a program to subsidize computer purchases for faculty, but unfortunately I had do spend my faculty workstation funds a month or so before Apple updated the Airs, which meant that I got the version where 250G was […]

Testing JSmol2wp

[jsmol pdb=’1LMB’ caption=’lambda repressor headpiece’ debug = ‘false’ wrap = ‘5’ commands = ‘arm = select 1-6:3, 1-6:4; color yellow;||| helix-turn-helix = select 33-52:3, 33-52:4; color yellow; hide hoh;||| helix 5 = select *:3,*:4; spacefill off; cartoon; select 84,87; color yellow; spacefill on; select *; hide hoh; hide *:1,*:2; #moveto 2 0 1 0 0 0 […]