Sous vide brunch

Sunday brunch:

Food processor hollandaise

  • melt half a stick of butter. While melting, in the processor bowl
    • 2 egg yolks
    • dash of dijon
    • salt
    • pepper
    • juice of a lemon
  • pulse
  • add the melted butter

After processing, I suspect that the butter was not hot enough to cook the egg yolks, and the sauce was too thin. So I tranferred the sauce to a stainless bowl and used the 170F sous vide that was cooking the eggs as a double boiler bath and whisked the hollandaise until it thickened.

Soft boiled eggs

Two circulators going at once! The Nomiku is working on some short ribs while the Anova did the eggs.

The basic problem with sous vide eggs is that the kind of long-term thermal equilibrium that works for meat is not ideal for eggs. The reason is that the yolks set at a lower temperature than the whites. So what people do is use the sous vide as a way to boil eggs below actual boiling. I tried 170F for 15 minutes. The result had the yolks set a bit more than I wanted, and the whites were better but still a bit runny.


Didn’t have Canadian bacon, so I used some pan-fried bacon to make a pseudo eggs Benedict.