Serious Eats pie crust

Lately I’ve been using Kenji Alt-Lopez’ Easy Pie Crust recipe from Serious Eats. Posting here will help find the link and preserve the very minor modifications I’ve made.  The original calls for using 2/3 of the 12.5 oz of flour in the first step. This is ridiculously precise, so I’m just doing the weighing of the flour in two steps instead of one. That’s the only modification.

  • Weigh 8 oz flour into the food processor. Add 2 T sugar and 1 t NaCl. Pulse to mix
  • Add 2.5 sticks of cold butter cut into chunks. Pulse in thoroughly (about 25 pulses)
  • Transfer to a bowl. Add 4.5 oz flour. Cut in with a pastry cutter or silicon spatula
  • Mix in 0.375 c ice water (6 T)