Remodeling 2016 – Before

This it the first of several posts I meant to make months ago. We had been procrastinating doing some remodeling for several years and started to plan for it in earnest about a year ago. The pictures below are from May 2 and show a part of our house we called the Annex. It comes off the kitchen and is not on the heating cooling and is semi-finished.  The 

The door on the right led to a small room where we had a washer, a dryer, and a small freezer. After that there was an area it some desks that we used to store misc stuff including gardening supplies. The part with no window was a small workshop and after that was another room, which is where the cats lived when we were first adapting them from their feral lives.

This is the view from the other side.

The whole annex was lower than the rest of the house, and the neighborhood drained toward it. You can just see a culvert that goes below the annex for drainage. The Annex would often flood in a heavy rainstorm. We kept more garden stuff on the covered area on the end, where the roof has been sagging in a threatening way for years. The whole thing had settled over the years after some previous owner put it up so that the doors on the kitchen-proximal end didn’t close properly and there were obvious cracks in the foundation.

The goal of the remodeling was to tear this all down and and replace it with a much smaller but nicer laundry room. At the same time we would do a bunch of upgrades in the kitchen. The project was done with Stearns Design Build in College Station.