More sous vide ribs

Got a larger rack. Bagged with salt, pepper, brown sugar in the fridge on Sunday. Monday night, added soy, sherry, cider vinegar, garlic, red pepper flakes, and star anise and put into a 138F bath at 9:30 PM. The vinegar is a change from last time.

I cut the rack in half and put both halves in one 1 gallon ziploc bag (HEB store brand, actually).

I had planned on having these on Tuesday night, but there was a last-minute burger craving, so we went to Mickey’s Sliders instead. The ribs stayed at 138F for another day and we had them on Wednesday. I made another hoisin, ketchup, and sambal glaze and did two coats on each side under the broiler.

The ribs were more tender this time, with the meat falling off the bones as I sliced them. I actually like ribs both this way and how they came out last time where there’s a bit more resistance in a bite. Don’t know if the vinegar or the extra time was the difference. There wasn’t enough vinegar to impart a significant taste.