Spent Thursday and Friday at an iPlant workshop I helped set up at Prairie View as part of a genomics education project I’m doing with Gloria Regisford in the PVAMU Biology Dept.  iPlant just got renewed by NSF and will be expanding their scope beyond plants.  The focus of the workshop was the DNA subway set of workflows that are used for teaching, and we did a mix of computer exercises and wet lab work where we amplified some DNA from plant samples to send for barcode sequencing.  I had heard about some of the barcode projects, including Sushigate, but I hadn’t looked at the urbanbarcoding site from CSHL that aggregates these kinds of projects.  I’ve been advocating incorporating more things like this into our undergraduate curriculum.

But the things that will probably affect my own teaching and research were:

  • Atmosphere, the soon to be openstack-based cloud system being done in collaboration with TACC and
  • Plans to integrate the iPlant middleware with Galaxy.