Going-away party fajitas and the power of enzymes

The lab tradition is that when someone leaves, they get to choose the food for the party at our house.  In the past, people have chosen burgers, paella, and lasagna among others. Yesterday, Nathan and John were leaving and the plan was fajitas, which I’ve never made despite living in Texas for more than 20 years.

I found this chicken fajitas recipe at Homesick Texan. Weirdly, it doesn’t come up when you search for “chicken fajitas” in her Google search box, which led me to wonder the other day if I had hallucinated it.  But fortunately I found it in her recipe index.

For the beef, I tried a version of the Pappasito’s recipe posted on the Food Board at Texags.  I  used that on some tenderized inner skirt from HEB, and compare it to some tenderized and seasoned flank steak from the Rosenthal Meat Store on campus. This post was supposed to be largely a recipe blog, but the beef was a fail. I was concerned about the inner skirt being pretenderized in some unspecified way combined with a pineapple-based marinade, and this turned out to be warranted, especially since I tried fresh pineapple instead of pineapple juice.  Fortunately, the Rosenthal flank steak was OK and the chicken was good.

This makes me wonder about using pineapple for teaching catalysis. Googling reveals several examples of using pineapple and jello. But I’m wondering about a way to do something more quantitative.

For the peppers and onions I used a mix of onions with green, red, and yellow peppers and some Anaheims. Cooked them in the wok.