Down goes Stanford

Last week I was at the GO consortium meeting in Bar Harbor, so I didn’t watch much football.  Since it was a bye week for the Badgers and the Aggies, only Stanford was in action of the teams I follow closely.  The Cardinal had a narrow escape in Seattle against the Washington Huskies which I was able to watch in my hotel room.

Today, the Cardinal weren’t as fortunate in Provo, falling to the Utah Utes. Utah looked like the stronger team from the middle of the first half, and I switched to watching the A&M Ole Miss game while watching the scoreboard updates.  I flipped back after Stanford cut it to 6 and began their final drive.  The Cardinal moved from their own 12 down to the Utah 6, where they faced 3rd and 2 with about a minute left and one timeout remaining.  I expected them to run the ball twice if needed, and score the go-ahead TD leaving Utah with no time to counter. Instead, Coach David Shaw inexplicably called two passes, which fell incomplete. Ball game. Ugh.

More after the Ags game is over.