College Football Week 4: Stomp

2-0 for my teams. Stanford had a bye.

Wisconsin d Bowling Green

Wisconsin started a bit slow but then blew out Bowling Green. I watched the beginning of the Badger game but had to go grocery shopping on Saturday, so I left when the rout began. This meant that I missed the record-setting rushing performance. Bowling Green came in having beaten Indiana last week, which turns out to be a better win than it looked like at the time.

The Badgers wore a uniform combo with red helmets, red jerseys, and white pants. When I switched to the game, I thought they looked like Indiana.

Texas A&M d SMU

The Aggies went to Dallas to play SMU, which may be the worst team they play, including Lamar. The Ponies started the season badly by being blown out by Baylor in the opener for the new stadium in Waco. Baylor is a top team this year, so that isn’t so bad. However they looked even more terrible than the score in the few minutes I caught a few weeks ago. Then they got blown out by North Texas. SMU had been predicted to be a middle of the pack team before the season started (The preseason hope was probably why this was a mid-afternoon ABC game instead of being relegated to some alternative ESPN channel.), and had a bye week to regroup before taking on the Aggies at home. But then Coach June Jones resigned in mid-season.

The Ags started slowly, if getting a FG on the first possession counts as starting slowly these days. There were more dumbass penalties and drops. The coaches were clearly working on giving backups playing experience and healing injuries. Center Mike Matthews missed the game but probably would have played if needed. Speedy Noil is out with an injury, but against a stronger opponent I’m not sure Boone Niederhofer would have been out there on the first drive.  Niederhofer took advantage of his opportunity and had a very good game: 6 catches for 73 yards, including a very nice second half grab. Jeremy Tabuyo had only had 2 catches, but they combined for 80 yards and 2 TDs

SMU gave up 8 sacks on the day, which is barely over their average. They did keep Myles Garrett from getting a sack, however. The Mustangs got their first first down in the middle of the second quarter.

The highlight of the day was Reveille’s handler blocking an SMU receiver as he ran out of bounds.


A few results of note elsewhere

  • Florida State suspended Jameis Winston from the Clemson game for being an idiot. Not clear what happened to change the suspension from a half to a whole game, but the rumors are that he lied about an incident that was witnessed and tweeted by multiple people. Clemson blew their chance at the upset.
  • Mississippi State went into Death Valley and dominated LSU for 3 quarters to take a 34-10 lead. Then they came close to giving LSU another wild come from behind finish as the Bayou Bengals scored two TDs in the last 2 minutes to cut the score to 34-29. After a failed onside kick, MSU couldn’t run out the clock and LSU got a final possession with 20 seconds left. A Hail Mary was intercepted at the goal line as time ran out.  This was a great win for the Bulldogs, marred by center Dillon Day deciding that Jameis needed a rival for the biggest asshole in college football. Day decide to make the stomping literal as well as figurative.
  • Mizzou lost to Indiana, marring the SEC vs Big 10 narrative.
  • Some thought that Virginia Tech would have been a better fit for the SEC than Mizzou. But the Hokies are now 0-2 in games after their upset of Ohio State, as Georgia Tech capitalized on a late INT gift from Va Tech QB Michael Brewer
  • Cal celebrated a win over Arizona … before Arizona came back to win on a Hail Mary.