CFB 2013 Week 13:Death Valley Daze

2-1 as Stanford and Wisconsin won but the Ags got blown out at LSU.

Stanford, Wisconsin, and A&M all played 2:30 Central starts today.  I mostly watched the Ags, but flipped over to a bit of Big Game and a bit of the game for Paul Bunyan’s axe.  A&M went into Baton Rouge as a higher ranked road underdog. The expectation was for another shootout, with LSU being able to use their power running game to wear down the Ags, especially late in the game, but with Johnny Manziel having a chance to pull of a win. Unfortunately for the Ags, weather, LSU’s defense, and just being off led to Manziel having probably his worst game of his two years at A&M, competing only with his other loss to LSU in Kyle last year.  After failing to score on their opening possession, the Ags got the ball back on the LSU 39 when the much-maligned D turned the Bayou Bengals over on downs. A&M squandered the first of many chances to score by failing to convert on 4th and 6. Johnny was off, the receivers dropped too many, the O-line didn’t protect, and the D did wear down.  I kept thinking the Ags would be able to get back in the game, but after going into halftime down 21-10, the Ags were completely shut out in the second half.

Wisconsin played Minnesota at their place, but won the Paul Bunyan axe for the 10th year in a row.  The Gophers were one of the feel-good stories of this season, winning several games while their coach dealt with seizure problems. They were on a 4-game winning streak to be 8-2 when the game started.  Minnesota wasn’t really dominated, but the Badgers never trailed after going up 10-7.

On the other hand, a rebuilding Cal was no problem for Stanford. The Cardinal won Big Game handily… and amazingly also won the Pac-12 North that everyone thought they had blown by losing to USC last week when Oregon got run out of the stadium by Arizona. The Wildcats ended up beating the Ducks 42-16.  Did not see that coming.  This sets the Pac-12 championship game as Stanford v. Arizona State, as the Sun Devils held on to upset UCLA in LA.  If ASU beats Arizona next week, they get to host the championship game. If the Cats beat the Devils, Stanford hosts by virtue of a head-to-head win on Sept 21.

Other notable results:

  • The Big 10 championships game was also set when Michigan State clinched by keeping Northwestern winless in conference play.
  • Florida was upset by FCS Georgia Southern. Florida has had terrible injury problems this year, but even playing their third-string QB, this isn’t supposed to happen. This clinched the Gators’ first losing season since 1979.
  • Duke got to 9-2 with a win over Wake Forest. If the Blue Devils can beat UNC next week, they get to play #2 Florida State for the ACC championship
  • #4 Baylor was dominated by OK State in Stillwater. The Cowboys held Baylor to just a FG for the first 3 quarters and ended up winning 49-17.  #10 OK State  should rise in the polls tomorrow. In the Big 12, OK State leads at 7-1 in conference with Baylor, Texas, at 6-1 and OU at 6-2.  OK St. plays OU next. Baylor and Texas each have an intervening game before facing each other to end the season.  There are scenarios that lead to a 4-way tie at 7-2.

Both divisions of the SEC remain undecided. In the West, the Iron Bowl will determine whether Alabama or Auburn goes to the conference championship. In the East, the Ags can knock Mizzou out of the lead with a win in Columbia.