Shrimp and grits for Christmas Dinner

Basing in on this recipe from Anson Mills, although we didn’t see their grits at HEB, so I’m using a yellow grits/polenta corn product. Grits: Presoak in water starting at 1:45. Cook with lots of stirring and adding more water. Add salt about halfway through.Add butter and black pepper at the end. Is this grits […]

Catching up on CFB

Didn’t blog championship week, as the Badgers and Ags were out of it.  Stanford is back in the Rose Bowl, after beating Arizona State in Tempe.  The Cardinal will play Michigan State, who thwarted Ohio State’s effort to get to the last BCS championship. The big new in CFB, however, is the Mack Brown out […]

Down goes Stanford

Last week I was at the GO consortium meeting in Bar Harbor, so I didn’t watch much football.  Since it was a bye week for the Badgers and the Aggies, only Stanford was in action of the teams I follow closely.  The Cardinal had a narrow escape in Seattle against the Washington Huskies which I […]

So it’s a Ponzi scheme?

The Detroit Free Press defends their home town against mischaracterizations in the national press with the first installment of The Truth About Detroit What was said: “Government employees and their overbearing unions have been on a decades-long crusade to defraud the taxpayer and unjustly enrich themselves. When everyday Americans are struggling to find job security and […]