Sous vide spareribs

When I got the pork loin roast, I also picked up some spareribs. Wed night: dry-brined (which is a fancy way of saying I unwrapped the meat, sprinkled some salt and pepper on it, and put it back in the fridge. Cooking times and temps [table id=4 /] There is also a NYT piece about […]

Sous vide pork loin

Got a 2 lb pork loin from the Rosenthal Meat Center last week and thawed it over the weekend in the fridge. Decided to brine it before cooking sous vide, loosely based on this maple-brined pork roast recipe. Brine: 1qt water .25 c salt .25 c maple syrup garlic, ginger, rosemary, thyme The roast barely […]

Sous vide beets

Partly this is because these pictures look so good, and partly because I want to try sealing with liquids in the ThriftyVac. Preheat Nomiku to 82°C (=179.6°F, close enough to 180 for other root veg recipes) I peeled and cut the beets in half so they would fit better in the 1 qt ziploc bags. […]

First sous vide eggs; ThriftyVac

  I’ve had the Nomiku for a couple of weeks now.  Last weekend I tried what is supposed to be one of the most difficult tests: soft boiled eggs. I set the Nomiku for 145°C and plopped in some eggs to serve on a stir fry. I let them go for just about an hour. […]

Sous Vide Flank Steak Experiment

My long-awaited Nomiku arrived just before Thanksgiving.  I did some experiments over the holiday and this weekend I’m going to test it for flank steak.  The purpose is to examine the effect of sous vide time on the cooking of flank steak. Recipes online advocate 16-48 hours, but if less time works, then less advance planning is […]